The Pilgrimage -Site of Kevelaer

Visitors I front of the Candle-Chapel

According to the Brockhaus Dictionary Kevelaer is the biggest pilgrimage place of north-west Europe, visited by about one billion people every year. The grand and traditional processions are as outstanding events as the glamorous liturgical celebrations taking place all over the Christian year.

By the visit of Pope John Paul II in 1987, Kevelaer has got a special honour. It has underlined the importance of Kevelaer as a pilgrimage enormously by increasing remarkably the reputation of Kevelaer as a location of the Catholic Faith.

The aim of the pilgrimage is the Chapel of Glory with the Virgin Mary Picture Consoler of the Grieved,  in its   inside, the  Candle-Chapel as well as the Virgin-Mary-Basilica overtopping Kevelaer with its tower being over 90m high. Inside the basilica the grand pilgrimage church-services take place. In the Chapel of the Holy Sacrament and in the Chapel of Shrift pilgrims have got the opportunity for a silent self-communion. Nowadays the former abbey dating from 1647 reminder of the Oratorianer is called the “Priest House” (Priesterhaus). Opposite to it the Forum Pax Christi and the Petrus-Canisius-House have been built.

People for the Chapel

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